Floodgate Academy's curriculum is designed to provide our students with the skills they need to be productive employees.

With an average of 15 years experience between the cofounders, there's rarely a situation our students will not be prepared to solve.


Floodgate’s lessons develop and reinforce computational thinking to make sure our students have the proper foundation to learn and solve problems. We've spent countless hours with leading STEM educators to ensure our curriculum is optimized for knowledge acquisition and retention. Our methodology for teaching devops is centered around the following four areas:


What architectural components do I need to solve problem?


What are the specific vendors I can use to address problem?


What low level knowledge should I possess to get the most out of the services used?


How do I react to a change in the state of my system?

Topics Covered

Over the course of the program we will cover a variety of topics in depth including the following:

  • System Administration
  • Task Automation with Shell Scripting & Python
  • Networking
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment
  • Configuration & Orchestration
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Distributed Systems
  • System Architecture

Graduate Skills

After going through our program, our graduates will be able to confidently perform the following tasks:

  • Administer a single node or group of machines from the CLI
  • Install and configure software packages per application requirements
  • Provision and deployment of various application stacks to local and remote developer environments through code
  • Monitor/profile infrastructure configuration and performance manually and through usage of vendors
  • Automate manual performance and health checks through scripting
  • Troubleshoot failure and degraded performance scenarios
  • Choose infrastructure components and know tradeoffs
  • Configure and administer common infrastructure components

Technologies Used