Floodgate Academy admits 12 students a year. Students will alternate between 3 months of class and 3 months of on the job experience to learn the basics of developer operations.

Our program is tuition free and students will be paid during both the classroom and internship. Interested? Read more to see if you qualify and apply below.

Applicant Profile

Characteristics of a FGA Student

  • Passion for helping the community
  • Desire to learn and teach others
  • Grit and determination to work through obstacles, but know when to ask for help
  • Ability to follow instructions and see a task through completion
  • Passion for tech industry, including specifics about what and why
  • Underqualified: You’ve never troubleshooted a technical problem(fixed a radio, tech support call with computer vendor)
  • Overqualified: You’ve had a career in systems engineering or developer operations.


  • HS Graduate or GED Equivalent
  • You’ve take an introductory programming course or you’ve graduated from an exposure program (Black Girl’s Code, Hidden Genius, Year Up)
  • You’ve taken Codeacademy’s Git and Command Line Course(be able to provide proof)

Extra Bonus Points

  • Have a personal website that you host(displays basic config knowledge)
  • Have contributed code to a public project (github, bitbucket, etc.)
  • You’re familiar with the command line interface to your Operating System
  • You’ve built a computer from scratch and installed an OS

Interview / Intake Process

Phase 1: Application

  • Demonstrate a hunger and passion for networked systems
  • Surface their desire to improve their surrounding communities through tech
  • Showcase resilience and determination
  • Display a thirst for knowledge and acquiring new skills
  • Demonstrate effective communication
  • Ability to follow directions

Applicant Will:

  • Fill out an application with basic information and answer essay questions.
  • Submit essay questions and resume

Phase 2: Assignment

  • Ability to self-learn and apply material quickly
  • Ability to follow directions and ask questions when unsure
  • Ability to follow instructions and see a task through completion

Applicant Will:

Complete a task from README instructions in a week.

Phase 3: Interview

  • Ability to effectively verbally communicate
  • Showcase the desire and hunger to participate and finish program

Applicant Will:

Participate in an in-person interview